Live in a hotel

Why can't everyday life be easy and have a little luxury?

Hotel Sommelo offers a great solution to this: you can request a customized offer based on your needs and accommodation.

A comfortable hotel room can become your substitute home at a surprisingly low cost!

Live in a hotel

The “Live in a Hotel” package can be customized. Room size, decor, river view, and other services such as health and wellness services are all up to you to choose.

The base price already includes everything you need for comfortable living:

– Electricity, water, and heating

– Bedding, towels

– Cleaning

– Breakfast

– Sauna

– Gym

– Use of the club room

– Newspapers

– Etc.

Living in a hotel

Long-term hotel living is a good option for situations such as:

– For a senior who wants to be close to services, in a social and safe environment, without the potential heavy home and yard work.

– If a plumbing renovation or another home renovation comes as a surprise.

– Long-term visits from relatives.

– Accommodation during an internship.

– Accommodation needs between real estate transactions.

– Unexpected termination of a rental apartment.

– The need for a temporary home related to the end of a relationship.

– Any other temporary accommodation need.

Live by the river in the middle of the city and make your life easy!

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